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Ravinder Sawhney, ESQ.
B.A., LL.B., LL.M. (Cornell)
Barrister and Solicitor.
Attorney-at-law, New York
  "The young man knows the rules but the old man knows the exceptions." Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes
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If there is one thing lawyers of distinction emphasize, it is the benefit of overall experience in diverse practice areas that enables one to undertake novel matters that challenge existing precedent. Law breaks new ground every now and then, but we believe this is easier done by lawyers who have substantial experience in court matters of trials and appeals. My wide-ranging experience in civil and commercial litigation as well as appeal matters in the courts and tribunals in Ontario, allows us to represent you effectively. Our four steps to achievement are: Plan, Prepare, Proceed, Pursue.

I received an Honours degree in Economics in 1980 from Delhi University, and then obtained my LL.B. in 1983 from Delhi Law School. In 1985, I graduated with an LL.M from Cornell Law School. In 1991, I completed one year of law school at the University of Ottawa, through the Joint Committee on Accreditation, after which I articled with a Bay Street law firm, and was admitted to the Ontario Bar in 1993. I am also a member of the New York State Bar.

In early 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada  emphasized the significance of single judge case management in civil matters. The highest court has proclaimed now that all the courts in the country should shake up their scheduling systems to bring about efficient, effective and feasible access to justice by simplifying procedures, and by early court review of fact findings that permit early judicial relief under a more flexible and more accessible summary judgment procedure.

The wider ramifications of the decision in all areas of the law are welcoming indeed. The Court of Appeal has recently adapted to this "cultural shift" in judicial thinking to decide without the need for a full-blown trial where summary judgment was not even requested.  The shake up will be seen and felt throughout Canada in this new forward thinking of bringing the judicial system within the reach of ordinary citizens. 

I am privileged to have fought for this judicial thinking in the courts as one of the only and earliest proponents of such reasoning amongst lawyers.  My successful court application a few years ago, with detailed reasons relating to the impact of such a procedure on access to justice for ordinary litigants, the only one on court record of its kind, and a precursor to the single judge case management prescription by the highest court, is available for review for readers, and is a matter of public record with the subscription-based Quicklaw legal database.

In all civil and commercial litigation matters, I always try to seek shorter relief measures to simplify procedures. I adopt my clients' insights to devise strategies relevant to the issues at stake. My experience also tells me how often the client overrates certain views that harden due to being too close to a situation, which makes it necessary to remain objective in assessing facts.

Many important decisions where I acted as the lawyer, are reported in the Ontario civil procedure Digest, as well as court and tribunal databases.  I have a long list of clients I have served for years with constant support through the thick and thin of legal process.  These clients can be privately consulted prior to retaining me.  I will happily discuss your legal matters and encourage you to contact me.  

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I have appeared before courts and tribunals at various levels in my wide range of practice areas. My experience includes conducting trials and motions in Brampton, Toronto, Milton, Oshawa, and other GTA courts. Matters handled include:

  • Court appeals including Federal Court appeals in Tax Court, CPP disability claims, and immigration matters
  • Divisional Court appeals of small claims court matters
  • Hearings in Accident Benefit Claims before Financial Services Commission of Ontario
  • Appeals at the WSIB, WSIAT, and Judicial Reviews of Workers Compensation, Labour Board, and Accident Benefit claim decisions
  • Public Guardian court applications and issues of substitute decision making
  • Family law disputes
  • Hearings before professional regulatory bodies such as those for engineers, doctors and pharmacists
  • Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario matters
  • Appeals to the Ontario Court of Appeal
  • Supreme Court of Canada leave to appeal matters. also provides client services in Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu.

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